Kit List

There are a few things to bring with you when you come to your first Forest School:

  1. It can be wet underfoot in the forest, so please bring footwear that will keep your feet dry and that will protect your toes from sharp twigs. We recommend WELLIES or other appropriate footwear.
  2. The British weather can be quite unpredictable, so you may want to pack a JUMPER,  RAINCOAT, SUN HAT and SUN CREAM in order to be prepared for all possibilities.
  3. There will be lots of opportunities to make things at the session and so you could bring a small RUCKSACK or BAG with you, to pop all your wonderful creations into.
  4. We offer warm drinks to the grown-ups and water or fruit tea to the Wild Things during the session. If you have particular dietary requirements, you can either let Jenny know and she will try to accommodate your needs. Alternatively, you can bring your own special BOTTLED DRINK with you.
  5. If you fancy a picnic in the woods or you may get a bit peckish during our sessions, please bring a PACKED LUNCH.
  6. Finally, the most important piece of specialist equipment that you will need is your IMAGINATION!

Our Facilities

Before each session, the session leaders arrive early and set up a magical camp for your little adventurers. Our camp has a covered area (to protect little heads from raindrops and strong-sunbeams) and a fire-pit. We will provide the facilities that you need during the session. These include:

  1. Hand washing facilities
  2. Toilet (some sites will have a proper toilet or a compost loo)
  3. Covered area
  4. Logs to sit on
  5.  Hot and cold drinks
  6. Biscuits, fruit and (weather permitting) campfire food – like yummy marshmallows or soup!
  7. A cosy book corner (to keep our smallest explorers happy)


Foxbury in the New Forest is a unique site, owned by the National Trust. This site benefits from 3 large log cabin, luxurious compost loo, and lots of private land to roam around safely.

Holton Lee:

The Holton Lee Estate has large Forest areas, a beautiful garden and an easy access to the camp. The site also benefits from a large toilet block, a compost loo at basecamp, changing facilities and a carpark less than 5mins away from ‘camp’.


As the Forest School is often in a wooded area, accessibility options vary with each site.

Generally, we are able to provide parking within 5-15 min walk of the Forest School camp, and there is always a cleared trodden or gravel pathway to the camp. Sometimes, you will have to walk uphill to the site.

Unfortunately, some of the camps can be a little difficult to access using public transport. We try to find sites that you can get a train or bus to, but this is not always possible. Check the page for your chosen session to find out more about access and transport options.