All of the Forest School sessions on this website are delivered by Jenny and Caroline.

Caroline’s experience

Caroline tending the fire
Caroline tending the fire

Caroline is a qualified Level 3 Forest School Practitioner and has a BSc Hons (First) in Environmental Biology. She has over 25 years’ experience organising outdoor events, training both young and old to acquire environmental skills based qualifications. As well as working on numerous outdoor education projects across the south-west, Caroline is also maintaining her connection with the environmental sector working for Footprint Ecology, Bug life, Plant life and other conservation projects.

Other experiences

Caroline has spent much of her working life in the charity sector; Butterfly Conservation, Belfast Community Circus, British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland and Clandeboye Tree Nursery. In these roles she has managed projects from their development/funding phase to being the project leader, undertaking the project and managing budgets and reporting. She is also an expert in behaviour management, having worked for local authorities as a teaching assistant and student mentor for children with challenging behaviour and additional needs.

Woodland adventurer

Woodlands feel like her second home and she would rather spend time outside than indoors! Caroline’s interests are generally ones that enable her to be outside; walking, cycling, hiking, amateur bird/wildlife watching and she enjoys all things natural!