There are lots of things you can do away from our sessions that will help bring Forest School principles into your own home.

We are compiling learning resources for you to use at home on this page, so check back regularly for new fun Forest activities!

Forest School reading

There are lots of stories that you can read together at home that have a Forest theme. We have selected a few of our favourites on this page.

Forest School activities

Come rain or shine, there are plenty of things that you can do around the house, and close to where you live that will bring the forest into your own home. We have separated these into Rainy Day and Sunny Day pages, but lots of these activities can be carried out whether it is wet and windy outside, or gorgeous bright sunshine.

Rainy day activities

What to do when it is cold or rainy outside…?

We’re making a list of links to downloadable resources, and will share these soon with you all!

Sunny day activities

It’s hot outside. Quick, put on some suntan lotion and go have some fun in the sun!

Activities for outdoor play will be here soon!

Forest School inspired recipes

We do lots of cooking at Forest School, and we’re putting together a yummy collection of treats that you can make over a fire, or in your own kitchen.

We’ll share these with you as soon as we have finished ‘testing’ them (scrummy!).